Ever Stumped About How To Best Support Your Child?
by Julie Kleinhans on August 12, 2015

By Jill Hope

As is typical with adolescents, my son is having a bit of a tough time right now, caught between wanting full independence while still craving guidance. Growing into a young man and all that comes with it, while still at times feeling like a little boy.

For the first time in a long time, I was at a loss as to how to best support him, perhaps because I was dealing with my own personal challenges that were keeping me less than present to his needs.

So I did a short meditation and journaling session to look within for the answers. To discover how to shift in a way that will give us both some comfort.

I don’t normally share my personal downloads, but I think there are some nuggets in there for all of us – ways we can all be more for our kids, without necessarily doing more.

I share this in the hope that it helps you step back and take a fresh look at how you might connect with your child in a more supportive and mindful way, no matter what challenges you might be facing.

Here is the message I received:

“Be there for him – bring your presence.
Don’t judge or suppose.
See everything at face value.
No past, no future, only now. From today onward.
Send loving vibes, wrap him up in your heart. Radiate outwards your love.
Soften your voice.
Smile, laugh often. Accept, be accepting.”

To implement these ideas into your life, here are some questions you can consider:

  • How can you step back from your expectations, just a little, and be more accepting of who your actually child is?
  • How can you see your child, not through a lens clouded with the past, but from where they are right now?
  • How can you be more in your heart and less in your head when you interact with your child?
  • How can you take life a little less seriously today and be more playful with your child?
  • How can you nurture both yourself and your child through your presence?

It’s in the little shifts we consciously make each day, that the love and connection grow and strengthen.
What little shifts can you make today to more deeply support and nurture yourself and your child?

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