About Julie
Professional Bio

Julie Kleinhans is a Youth Empowerment and Education Mentor who believes every child is intelligent and talented. She works with educators and parents to help youth become productive, confident and happy.

As the Founder of Mind Focus Generation, a community for parents, teachers, counselors and practitioners who want to empower youth and the Founder and Expert Host of Successful Kids Revolution, a global online event whose mission is “ensuring success for every child at home and in our schools,” Julie Kleinhans’ dedication to empowering youth is paramount in all that she does. The Law of Attraction is woven through Julie’s work with clients and she is also an instructor in Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. Julie taught high school for ten years and is a Mom to her own human child Jack Louis and fur child Otis.

Now let’s get more personal. . .
Spiritual Awakening
Julie Beach Yoga

In college I studied abroad and lived with a family in Belize. I had a big spiritual awakening when I toured the Mayan ruins that changed me forever. I love traveling to Central America and feel I’ve had lots of former lives in that part of the world. It feels like home to me.

Julie and Dad

My father passed away in 2007. It opened a bridge from this side to the other side and I can feel a connection with people who have passed on. I feel their presence and support. My dad’s mother passed away when my mom was pregnant with me and when I was a toddler my mom remembers me talking with someone. They knew it was grandma. Last year I found out she’s been one of my spirit guides my whole life!


For ten years I taught in the Commack School District on Long Island, New York. I taught Business Education, Citizen Law and Life Skills classes. I enjoyed the Life Skills classes where I was able to teach students about visualization and affirmations. I also mentored an afterschool program called “Seniors at Risk,” to help the students meet their requirements to graduate high school. I couldn’t stand the name because it didn’t support them feeling positive about themselves. They were already struggling academically, socially and emotionally. Mentoring students helped me to realize how important it is for every person to believe in their value and self-worth. It’s been a strong part of my purpose to empower youth in this way.

Since 2011 I’ve been teaching classes in Christy Whitman’s Quantum Success Coaching Academy. This is for professionals that want to coach within their own niche and incorporate the law of attraction. Christy has an amazing group of people on her team. Every one of us has a deep connection to serve and expand the consciousness of every person we come in contact with. Christy has been an incredible mentor and friend to me.

My Loves
Glenn and Julie 2010

I married my college sweetheart. Both of us attended Cortland College in New York. We met in 1995 and got married July 17th 2004. When I first saw him I knew that I would be with him. Glenn and I both have a passion for helping kids. We are very non-traditional, free thinkers and are always looking for alternatives. He is a teacher for incarcerated youth, mostly for nonviolent crimes like drugs. He helps them to get their GED.

Otis 2011

We love being by the water or in nature. Protecting and preserving nature is very important to us. We live near the beach and every time we go for a walk we are cleaning up plastic. Living as organically and sustainably as possible is our goal so that we can preserve the earth for future generations.

Our first baby is our fur child Otis and we’ve had him since April 2005.

In April 2015 we gave birth to Jack Louis and he is the next love of our lives!

Besides my husband and two children, I love:

  • The beach
  • Hiking
  • Traveling
  • Camping
  • Spirituality
  • Meditating
  • Personal transformation
  • Reading
  • Cooking
Jack Louis Kleinhans 4

My biggest pet peeve is chemicals in food and products. I try living as close to nature as possible.

top of mountain Julie Otis Glenn

Glenn teases me that once I find something I am passionate about, I become obsessive to learn as much as I can. I adopt it into my own life and then I want to share it with everyone.

I am passionate about co-creating a healthier world, both inside each of us and outside of us.

We’re all leaders paving the way for the future of our children and this planet.

Together we can create a healthier tomorrow.

Love and Abundance,


P.S. Life is a gift. Remember to enjoy it!

Otis running 2
Julie in sunset
Jack Louis Kleinhans 3
Julie kissing Otis