Super Confidence Meditation Program

This POWERFUL meditation program includes the following:

3 downloadable MP3 meditations for a total of 45 minutes in guided meditation

  • I Have Value Meditation
  • Creating Confidence with Higher Vibrations Meditation
  • Sub-personality Journey Meditation
  • Intro to Meditation Audio downloadable MP3 for young people new to meditation
  • Vision Sheets in PDF format to assist in creating a focused vision to use along with meditations or separately

This meditation program will help teens and young adults:

  • Release negative beliefs
  • Release stress and anxiety
  • Release painful and distressing memories from the past
  • Create personal power from within
  • Increase positive feelings and self-image
  • Create a vision for future success and happiness for the future

These meditations will allow your teen to relax and tap into their true value as a spiritual being. In each meditation, Julie takes you on a journey that will relax your mind, body and emotions, while strengthening your spiritual connection.

The price of the program is $47

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