Radio Show

About Julie and her show:

The radio show and Mind Focus Generation were created to help parents, teens, young adults, and the community. Some of the issues that I address on my radio show, in my programs and through private coaching:

  • Teenagers and young adults get past their perceived limitations and negative self beliefs so they can feel free to be who they truly are
  • Parents of teens and young adults that are worried about the decisions their kids are making so they can find a sense of ease and peace of mind
  • Teenagers that are being bullied and parents of teens being bullied to find real solutions to becoming empowered once and for all
  • Teenagers and young adults that are confused and have no direction in their lives to create enthusiasm and passion for their future
  • Parents release their self doubt and worry about their own abilities to influence their children in positive ways
  • Parents that need tools to deal with the overwhelming duties that come with being a parent
  • Teenagers that struggle with focusing in school and poor grades to develop the skills necessary to succeed
  • Teenagers and young adults discover their passion and life purpose and take action toward their goals
  • Parents deal with the difficulties they face in dealing with their rebellious teen
  • Teachers and youth practitioners to provide practical tools to support the youth they work with in developing a deep sense of well-being in all areas of their lives
  • Teenagers and young adults to deal with peer pressure and social media so can make positive decisions in their lives
  • Parents and teens that are stressed out about college and career plans so they can create goals, visions, and take action
  • Parents and teens that have communication issues at home and would like to find a better way to connect with one another
  • Young adults that have graduated high school, decided not to go to college or dropped out of college and are now stuck in a low paying job that they don’t like or are without a job, so they can make positive changes so this pattern doesn’t carry through to their adult years
  • Parents of teens that have emotional issues such as difficulties with self expression, constant mood swings and emotional outbursts

I do this through…

My radio program Teaching From the Heart with Julie K ∗ Group coaching programs ∗ One on one mentoring for parents, teens and young adults ∗ Free teleseminars