3 Tips to Shift Your Mindset from Survival to Allowing

by Julie Kleinhans on February 5, 2015

One of the most limiting beliefs that play out in our day to day lives is that of ‘survival mode’. Now you may be saying, ‘I’m not living my life in survival mode’, but let’s take a deeper look at what that really means and see if you can recognize any patterns of survival mode that play out in your life.

Survival mode:

  • I have to do this otherwise I won’t get what I want
  • If I don’t take control of this situation, then things will turn out bad
  • I’m afraid that if my kid makes the wrong choice, his life will be difficult
  • I’m working hard now so my future will be better
  • I (or my kids) have to study harder, achieve more, be better so that I can get accepted into that college, or land that job in order to create a safe and secure future
  • When I save more money, then I can slow down and enjoy life
  • There is not enough __________ (money, support, opportunities, jobs, experiences, time, etc.) for me to feel satisfied or to enjoy life now
  • If I make enough money to get by and pay my bills, then I am doing pretty good
  • I’ll invest the time in my life to do __________ once things get easier for us

Where are you placing limitations on yourself and your life? All of the above are examples of a belief in lack and limitation, which cause you to live your life in survival mode. And this goes against the Universal Law of Allowing.

It’s important that we teach the younger generations how to create a great life through the understanding of the natural laws of Universe so that they are not programmed into survival mode to repeat the patterns that cause struggle.

In this article, I provide 3 tips that will help shift your mindset from that of survival to one of allowing.

1) Beliefs of Unworthiness – For the majority of us, this is the number one reason we do not allow more success, abundance and happiness in our lives. We have bought into the belief and lie of our own unworthiness.

Does any of this sound familiar to you or your son/daugther? ‘I am not smart enough to achieve that’, ‘Other people do it better than me, so why will I be accepted or chosen for the job (college, team, etc.), ‘I can’t be happy with myself because I am ________ (lazy, too shy, too slow, not cool enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not rich enough, not funny enough, not liked enough).

These beliefs have been programmed into our minds as we have grown up looking outside of ourselves for validation and approval.

We have learned to believe what is acceptable through the media, our schooling, our peers, family traditions, society, and everyone else.

Here is a big tip: when you think a thought about yourself, if it feels heavy and constricting, it is a lie that you have bought into, if it feels light and expansive, it is your truth.

Work on challenging your limiting beliefs and creating new supportive beliefs that are in alignment with your desires and share those with your kids.

2) Have you bought into the lie of lack and limitation?
Our world has been programmed to live in lack, to believe that there is not enough and that we have to work hard for things or even fight for them in order to survive.

This lie has created a world living in survival mode. It has created poverty, war and suffering all over the globe. What we believe becomes our reality and since our world has been manipulated and programmed to believe that life is a struggle and that there is a limitation on what you can have, achieve and create, we have created that as our reality.

We were never taught the truth about the Law of Abundance. The truth is that we live in a world and Universe of abundance.

Just look to nature for the answers. Nature is abundant in every way unless man forces his way to destroy this abundance. When you learn to look at life from the perspective of abundance, you allow abundance to flow into your life. This is another mindset skill you can teach your children now to set them up for a life filled with abundance.

3) Can You Allow Yourself to Ask for Something Even Better?
Again, we have been programmed to settle. Gratitude is NOT about accepting and being satisfied with having just enough and so we shall not dare to ask for more because if we do, we are considered greedy. Another lie!

Again, look at the Universe. It is continually expanding and creating more and more possibilities. We are part of this system. We are expanding beings that are meant to create and expand the world and the Universe through our own expansion.

Think about what happens in your life when you do not allow yourself to expand beyond your current experiences. For example, if you don’t allow yourself to receive a raise at your job, or if you didn’t allow yourself to move from your first apartment into a bigger house for your family. Or if you didn’t allow yourself to get married and expand your family. Where would you be now if you didn’t allow for these things?

Seems pretty limiting to live in that way, right? The same thing goes for our lives and expecting to receive something better, whether it is more money, more friends, more love, a better career, more freedom to do the things we want, more time off of work, etc.

When we allow ourselves to ask for something even better than we are living right now (from the place of feeling happy with where we are currently standing), when we focus on the abundance in our lives that exists all around us, and we work to change our beliefs of unworthiness to those of acceptance and love of self, you will be living your life in alignment with the Universal Law of Allowing.

Teach your kids these laws now so they don’t grow up continuing the cycle of survival and struggle. You will be so happy you did and they will thank you for it for the rest of their abundant lives!

© 2014 Julie Kleinhans, Mind Focus Generation

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5 Steps to Upgrade Your Life in the New Year

by Julie Kleinhans on December 29, 2014

Most of us have been there before—we are determined and motivated to set New Year’s resolutions and for the first few days or even weeks, it may work out. But sooner or later you give up on your goal and it leaves you believing that you are weak-willed or feeling like a failure. And that’s why the majority of us don’t even bother!

So does this mean that it’s not worth it to upgrade your life in areas that are no longer serving you?

Absolutely not!

Life is always about learning, growing and improving in all areas of life. But I like to approach resolutions in a much different way and that is the reason I have been able to grow and expand by leaps and bounds in my own life over the past several years.

First off, the reasons that New Year’s resolutions don’t work is because they are often goals that we ‘think’ we should be setting and they are not coming from a place of deep inspiration and heart-centered connection with our soul.

Just think about trying to motivate a kid who is not really connected to what you are asking him or her to do!! Uggh, it’s force and struggle because deep down inside that child knows what you are asking them to do is not coming a self-guided place of inspiration. They may do the task, but half-heartedly and begrudgingly.

And the same is true with your inner child!

Also, New Year’s resolutions are usually some type of goal that may be unrealistic or might not be the right time. Our minds may want to do something but if our emotions or subconscious minds are telling us something different, we are out of alignment with what we think we want.

The way I approach any change in my life, at any time of the year, is by focusing on how I want to EXPERIENCE MYSELF. I always like starting off the New Year with a fresh, new perspective on how I would like to experience the New Year. It sets the energy and gets my intentions out into the universe in a strong and deliberate way.

Here are 5 steps to manifesting a New Year that is meaningful to YOU. Even better, you can also teach your kids to do this as a life-long way of BEING!

1. Focus on what you want to experience rather than what you want to gain or achieve. Some examples may be:

  • I want to experience more peace and stillness in my life so I can become more present and mindful of everything in my life.
  • I want to experience more abundance in my life so I can enjoy all the amazing things this world and universe has to offer me.
  • I want to spend more time with my children and make this a priority over anything else.
  • I want to experience more family vacation time.
  • I want to experience more confidence, spiritual growth and love.
  • I want to experience vibrant health and well-being.
  • I want to experience a deeper connection with my spouse, kids, etc.
  • I want to experience more time for self-care.
  • I want to experience myself as a confident, happy and successful being.

2. When focusing on what you want to experience this year, visualize how it will feel and act ‘as if’ you already have it.

3. Look for ways, even if they are small or few and far between, in which you already experience this energy in your life. Focus on how that feels when you allow yourself to experience this in your reality. Amp up this energy right now!

4. Write it down! When you write it down, it is the first appearance of what you want to manifest in your reality. Come back to this commitment you made to yourself for what you want to experience in your life on a regular basis. At a minimum, review your written manifestation every week but it is better to remind yourself daily.

5. Declare, decide and put your stake in the ground! After all, it is your life and nobody gets to create for you but you! It’s true that we all create our own reality, so don’t delay any longer.

Stop creating your life by DEFAULT and DECIDE that you are choosing to experience life on your terms. It may not be perfect, but hey, who said it has to be. Perfection is an illusion anyway!

If you don’t decide deliberately what you want to experience, whatever that may be, then others will decide for you (the government, the media, the schools, your spouse, parents, children, etc.) and that isn’t much fun now, is it? And what better way to empower your children but to be the model of empowerment by choosing how you want to experience your own life!

Happy New Year and many blessings to you!

© 2014 Julie Kleinhans, Mind Focus Generation

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR NEWSLETTER OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:

“Youth Empowerment and Education Expert Julie Kleinhans works with teens and young adults to love themselves, be successful and embrace their own uniqueness. Get her FREE Guide for Parents “5 Steps to Productive, Confident and Happy Kids” at www.MindFocusGeneration.com.”


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