"I am now able to consciously approach my daily life with the necessary confidence and optimism needed to be successful"

Julie has definitely had a positive influence on my life. Both her suggested readings and one on one coaching sessions have awakened a stronger sense of purpose in my life, along with a calming sense of clarity. This fresh new sense of understanding has given me the power to be able to recognize and enjoy when new opportunities are knocking at my door, where as before I simply just wasn't in a place of embracing any positive change. A few months before being introduced to these teachings I found myself no longer interested or passionate about my studies at school, and after withdrawing from college I was in desperate need of "the next step". I was in a place of extreme confusion with little direction as to where I now wanted my life to go. Nothing made sense at the time, and I found myself constantly searching for a sense of relief or for something to just magically appear and tell me what to do. That lack of clarity really took a toll on me as I started to develop and associate this paralyzing fear of "failure" or "more money loss" with any idea of moving forward. I felt extremely stuck to say the least, and it was the introduction to Julie's work where things finally started to make sense. I felt as if i was finally getting all the answers to my never ending stream of questions. These teachings are truly life changing and incredibly empowering. It is definitely now more than ever that have I been able to consciously approach my daily life with the necessary confidence and optimism needed to be successful. Julie has helped me to improve my patience, my decision making, and my ability to deal with my emotions and making sense of what they are telling me. But most importantly, it has spawned within me a new appreciation for life and the people within it. I have refueled the drive and passion within me, giving me the strength to take "the next step" head on. She inspired me to not only dream again, but to turn those dreams into reality. There are no words to express how valuable and vital Julie's teachings are to me and I am beyond grateful that I was blessed with the opportunity to be touched by her work. It is truly something that I will treasure, practice, and carry with me for the rest of my life. ~Danika, NY

“My son went from unmotivated to inspired”

Julie Kleinhans has been an inspiration to my son throughout his high school years and continues to be so. As he began loosing his way during this time of his life, as often teenagers do, Julie reached out to him. She boosted his confidence with her “can do” spirit, and helped him believe in himself, all the time encouraging his personality to flourish. Julie has a gift that draws kids to her, they see she cares and understands their feelings, and gains their trust wholeheartedly. So important with adolescents who feel no one understands them! She is their confidante and mentor. When he felt overwhelmed and pressured, not really knowing what to deal with first, Julie was able to help him focus and feel he could cope. He could look at things positively, and feel calm and less stressed. As a parent, even if you have a loving relationship with your child, sometimes the closeness is too close. It takes another special person in their life to help them. I’m very grateful for the caring and trusting relationship that my son has with Julie.
Karen Carter, Long Island, NY

“I used to be hyperactive and now I can focus”

Julie’s coaching has helped me to become more focused and calm. I am able to perform much better in school and in sports. Through my experiences with her I have learned things that before I couldn’t even believe was possible. My relationship with my parents is so much better now that I understand how to manage my emotions. I have confidence in doing just about anything.
Joe, High School Student, Long Island, NY

“I used to stress about school work and now I get great grades”

Since learning from Julie I have been able to have positive outcomes in just about every area of my life. I used to stress about schoolwork and now I am calm and confident and get better grades all around. I am able to focus more on my work and it is not hard at all. One of my goals was to make my competition team at my dance studio and through Julie’s teachings she helped me to bring that into my life. It was fun and easy to do. I also have attracted friends into my life that are caring and trustworthy, which is really important to me.
Jamie, High School Student, Long Island, NY

“I went from doubt to belief”

Taking Julie’s course has allowed me to watch my dreams manifest right in front of me. One of the most important things I wanted was my dream internship in the fashion industry. Within a short amount of time I got exactly what I wanted and it was so easy. I believed that the Universe would bring me what I desired and it came. Julie was able to show me how to do that.
Ariana, College Student, NYC

“I wasn’t sure of my future and now I’m certain of my purpose”

Personally, for me, working with Julie has been absolutely incredible with plenty of lessons and experiences… Through working with Julie, I found myself constantly working on creating my future and finding my life’s purpose... Julie is a loving individual with unique abilities of helping others find their hidden talents. I am able to use the power of my mind to create all that I want to experience in my life. Life is so much more fun and easier!
Gregg, College Student, Long Island, NY

“I used to always get angry but now I feel calm and balanced ”

I have worked with Julie and it really put me in a good place in my life and with myself. When I first met Julie I was in a horrible place and she was able to help me out so much. Her teachings helped to keep me on the path to bettering myself. I used to have so much trouble with my mom and I was always in a really bad place. Since learning from Julie I get along so much better with my mom. I also don’t feel like I’m always pissed off at something like I used to be. I now know how to be calm and collected which helps me to attract the same back to me.
Taylor, High School Student, Long Island, NY

“From At-Risk to Success”

In the time that I have worked with Julie, she has been an educator who has lived by the mantra that kids come first! She deals with the whole child as an educator not just focusing on academics but also tending to the social and emotional needs of all students that she comes in contact with. She is giving of her time and expertise as she nurtures at risk students. Students are made aware of how their decisions have an effect not just in the now but more importantly in their future. Julie is a true professional and reliable colleague who provides the necessary supports to assure that students succeed!
Matt Keltos, Assistant Principal, Commack High School, NY

"You become an independant thinker, a TRULY happy person"

Julie has changed my life in ways that I could not have ever imagined doing by myself. BUT THATS JUST THE THING…YOU DO IT ALL YOURSELF. and she teaches you to become an independant thinker, a TRULY happy person and she also teaches you the power of your thoughts and emotions and ways to make them work in YOUR favor…It is a great testimate to her preechings, showing that whatever you want may be achieved through thought and action. Thank you for everything Julie. ~Nick Nov, NY

I love the positive focus of coaching...I have been able to reach for my dreams

I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Julie Kleinhans. Her gentleness and competence shine through; I have been able to address and work through blocks with her as my coach. In so doing, I have been able to reach for my dreams. I love the positive focus of coaching. Becoming clear on what I want, and then making a plan of how to get there, is empowering for me. Julie has a way of holding me accountable without being pushy, so that I feel encouraged. There is an atmosphere of respect and support, which Julie is able to create. ~K.T., Florida

I’m constantly receiving compliments on my new website and with my improved branding...

Working with Julie has brought my business to the next level where I now have a clean brand, a clear message, and a better connection to my potential audience. She is always there for her clients to help them with their next steps in business. Having Julie by your side during the overwhelming tasks that small businesses endure helps keep focus and momentum to reach the next stage without getting distracted or disorganized. Julie provides suggestions where necessary without trying to change the essence of your work or message. I’m constantly receiving compliments on my new website and with my improved branding I can approach a wider audience of collaborators and partners. I can recommend Julie as a coach for very motivated clients with a ‘take charge’ attitude and a strong desire to get the job done to stand out in their field. ~Tatiana Abend, NY, NY http://bodyvisionhealthcoaching.com/

Julie taught me how to accept the universe...

I did the Mind Focus Coaching for 4 months. Very soon, I realized this was not a waste of my time. I started my first session by explaining who I was and what I do, and my dreams. I just recently became a kitchen manager at Wynwood Kitchen and Bar, in downtown Miami and I don't think I would have gotten that position if it want for Julie's coaching sessions. Julie taught me how to accept the universe. It sounds crazy at first but it makes sense. Accepting the universe opens a vast amount of options and let's me direct my life in the way I want it to go. Honestly, at first I was skeptical but I then began to see how much it helped and I learned a lot about myself. Someone once told me life is funny, and I say forget that, life is not funny, life its hilarious so just laugh!!! ~Jonathan Xavier Franco, Miami, FL