3 Vital Questions You Must Begin Asking Yourself and Your Teen Everyday in Order to Create a Better Life and Leave the Struggle and Worry Behind
by Julie Kleinhans on January 11, 2012
Ever since I decided I was tired and done with struggling, I committed myself to doing whatever it takes to make my life one that I could be truly grateful for, in every aspect. That’s about the time I enrolled in a course with my mentor that truly changed my life. She taught me three powerful questions that instantly shifted my attitude, my perceptions, and what I was manifesting in all areas of my life. My life had completely changed. At the time, I was working as a high school teacher and mentor and thought…if these 3 questions are so powerful for me, what about teaching them to the kids?Of course, as I found in my own experience as a teacher and mentor for several years, kids are very open to new ideas and change. They don’t tend to argue for their limitations in the same way adults do. Sure, they have struggles, but when given the right tools, the right information, and uplifting mentors in their life, it is absolutely amazing what they can accomplish. Unfortunately, I see many parents that still believe in struggle and these limiting beliefs can really hold their children back from making positive changes. And most of the time, parents aren’t even aware that they are doing this. They are overworked, stressed out, and doing the best they can.

I want to show you how to help shift your life instantaneously and we all know when a parent makes positive changes, it creates the space for their children to follow. Begin asking yourself these 3 powerful questions whenever you feel yourself focusing on thoughts that are not working out for you, then start using them with your teen 🙂

1. What do I want?

Really ask yourself this question. The answer to this question allows your thoughts to begin focusing in the direction you desire and with the powerful law of attraction, if you focus on something for as little as 17 seconds, you activate a vibration within you that will attract more of the same thoughts.2. Why do I want it?

When you ask yourself why you want something, there is a huge movement of energy within you. The ‘why’ really starts the creative process because it gives more power to your desires. It gives you clarity and you become more focused. When you ask yourself ‘why’, you are taking the focus off of  ‘how’ something will happen, and not knowing ‘how’ something will come about is usually the reason for resistance that we find in ourselves.3. How do I want to feel?

Unfortunately most people walk around in the world very unconsciously, not realizing that they get to choose how they want to feel in every given moment. And because people neglect to choose how they want to feel, they allow their own emotions to run the show, rather than running their emotions! When you ask yourself how you want to feel, you give yourself permission to go there. You take your focus off of all of the little things that are bothering you (and sometimes the big things) and direct your energy toward giving yourself permission to feel the way you want, no matter what the circumstances may be. By asking this question you become more present and well-being is always available for you in the present moment.Super Empowered Challenge: Write down these 3 questions and post them everywhere you can. Then begin to deliberately ask yourself these questions for entire week, as much as you can. Begin asking your kids these questions too. Then notice the changes you experience in your mood throughout the week. Notice how things begin to get better, even if it is a slight shift, acknowledge it. In 7 days, report back to me and let me know what has changed for you and/or your child. For the best story shared with me, I am going to award you with a 1 hour Law of Attraction Confidence Session with me, over a $200 value. Send in your stories here. Happy manifesting!!

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